EverGreen House- A Home for Women

A Home for Women

“EverGreen” is the name of Street Gospel Ministries’ home for homeless women. Like “Street House”, the residence for homeless men, its purpose is to help homeless persons achieve self-sufficiency to the point where they are able to transition successfully back into society.

The Home

It is a three bedroom home located in urban St. Michael. It is intended to provide short to medium term (six to twelve months) accommodation.

 The Residents

These are selected from the following groups:


  1. Single woman 
  2. woman with a new born or infant child
  3. woman with one or two small children, 6 years or under
  4. woman with one teenager

 Referral Agencies or Persons

Prospective residents Must be referred by a governmental or non-governmental agency, Church or caring individual. The recommending agency or individual must: 

1. Submit a written request and recommendation, and in the case of an agency or institution, a written report
2. Become part of the prospective resident’ support team by agreeing to provide some level of support and/or assistance
3. Become part of the resident’ support team


Recommended persons must be females between the ages of 24-45 who are:

1. Able-bodied
2. Living in substandard housing, or conditions
3. Exiting an institution such as prison, drug rehab. etc.,  with no safe or affordable place to go.  

Length of Residency

The program is of twelve months duration. Residents are assessed quarterly in regards to their progress and readiness for independent living and societal reintegration.

Provisions for Residents

Along with comfortable accommodation the resident will be provided with:

1. Material and financial support as necessary 
2. Assistance with finding suitable part/full-time employment 
3. Assistance with academic education, or with a skill or trade.
4. Counselling and/or mentoring, including moral and spiritual guidance.
5. Money and life management training

What is expected of Residents

Residents must give an undertaking to:

1. Obey all rules pertaining to residency
2. Be responsible for the care and maintenance of the facility
3. Make an agreed contribution to the residence
4. Take part in some weekly spiritual, Church and/or life building activity
5. Make themselves available weekly for counselling/mentoring sessions
6. Be involved in an academic or skills related program during the first six months of residency
7. Be willing to assume more personal responsibility the longer they remain in residence

The Support Team

Each resident will have a team of persons to encourage and assist them. The Team will comprise persons drawn from any or all of the following:

1. The referring agency or individual(s)
2. A sponsor – this could be a family member, relative, close friend etc.
3. A counsellor and/or mentor
4. A Church member/pastor/worker
5. A therapist
6. An employer



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