What we do

Prison Ministry 

We visit the local prison on invitation to interview men due for release but with nowhere to go on leaving prison.  Should they meet the necessary requirements they are offered accommodation, and assisted with finding employment.  There is also a special program for pardoned offenders.


Our Radio Program “Just Thinking” has been on the air since May 2002. The weekly fifteen (15) minute spiritual broadcast has been heard on stations across the Caribbean.

Drug Education

In July of 2015, "Sure Life", a drug education programme was launched at the local prison. 

The aim of the program, which is geared to remand inmates, is to help participants adopt healthy lifestyles, actively seek support for their drug habit and work towards becoming drug free.

 Work Projects

 We offer gardening, landscaping, tree trimming and debushing services on contract, to support our various programs and initiatives.

Support Services

 We assist individuals and families in finding temporary and/or permanent housing, and regularly help needy persons with food, and assistance with rent and utility payments.

 Street House

“Street House” has been home to seventy nine (79) men since its launch in 2004.

The home caters to able-bodied males, providing them with comfortable accommodation and assistance in working towards recovery, independence and community reintegration. Residents are assisted with finding gainful employment, educational opportunities, and acquiring necessary life management skills.

EverGreen House

 This program for homeless women was launched in March 2018. Read more about EverGreen House Here.

Our Latest Initiative

 Sanford House

 Scheduled to be opened in 2020 Sanford House is a new housing program for young men ages 18-24. This program will cater primarily to young ex-offenders and youth at risk. 

 Statistics show that more than 60% of the men incarcerated at the local prison are under the age of thirty five. Prison is regarded by some who work with these men as a “training ground” for young inmates, and a “badge of honour” for some ex-offenders. There is also the concern that some young men, after spending time in juvenile detention, have little choice but to return to the “toxic” environments from which they came.

 The aim of Sanford House is to provide an environment conducive to helping young males achieve self-discipline, self reliance, and a wholesome self esteem. It will also encourage and provide both academic education and skills training, and help young men prepare for the world of work.

 Residents for the house will be referred and recommended by several agencies, and departments including the Probation Department. It is also expected that families will seek entry for their young at risk male members through the various agencies.  

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